Micro Mass Flow Meter

The compact design provides user friendly installation for multiple flow channel sensing requirements.  Plastic finishing with an easy change of the mechanical adaptors enables applications with different connection thread requirements or one-touch approach.  The meters can be used for electronic meters in anesthesia equipment’s, environmental samplers and many other industrial applications.

The meters can be customized with flow range, gas specific requirements, user interface and others upon requests to SRS.


SRS’s Micro Mass Flow Meter is a highly engineered instrument for those who need accurate and reliable micro mass flow control of clean gases including corrosives and toxins.

It has, ease of operation, field configuration, multi-gas capability, and application flexibility are standard features.

Its accuracy is a standard calibration over the entire flow range.  The low-pressure flow meter has a strong and flexible control valve with accessible PID valve tuning to ensure the best speed and reliability.  Custom valve orifice sizing yields full-range stability.

Micro Mass Flow Meter measures and controls micro mass flows of gas previously thought to be too low for a reliable reading.  It is specifically designed for flow ranges under 4 sccm (smlm) with a minimum controllable mass flow rate of 0.08 sccm (smlm).

Micro Mass Flow Meter – Gas

All clean gases including corrosives & toxics; are specified when ordering.  The following ten gases make up the feature of every Micro Mass Meter instrument; up to nine alternate gases may be substituted.

A micro mass flow meter is a highly advanced device used to measure the flow rate of fluids in very small quantities.  It operates on the principle of mass flow measurement, which calculates the mass of the fluid passing through the meter per unit of time.

The design and construction of a micro mass flow meter involve highly sensitive components and advanced microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology.  The compact size of these meters allows for precise measurements in applications where space is limited or where low flow rates are encountered.


One important component of a micro-mass flow meter is the flow sensor.  This sensor is typically equipped with a microchannel that directs the flow of the fluid through it.  The microchannel is designed to minimize flow disturbances and pressure losses, ensuring precise and accurate measurements.

To measure the mass flow rate, the fluid is forced through the microchannel, and the pressure differential across the sensor is measured.  This pressure drop is directly proportional to the flow rate, allowing for accurate mass flow calculations.  The sensor’s sensitivity is further enhanced by integrating thin-film thermal elements, such as microheaters and temperature sensors, to detect changes in the fluid’s thermal properties as it flows through the microchannel.

The measurements obtained from a micro mass flow meter are highly precise and accurate.  These meters can typically measure flow rates ranging from a few nanoliters per minute to several milliliters per minute.  This exceptional sensitivity makes them ideal for various applications, including pharmaceutical research, chemical analysis, fuel cell testing, and medical diagnostics.


Furthermore, micro mass flow meters offer several advantages over traditional flow measurement techniques.  Their small size and low power consumption enable integration into portable devices and systems, making them suitable for on-site measurements and remote monitoring applications.  They also provide real-time flow data, allowing for instant feedback and control of critical processes.

The use of micro-mass flow meters can lead to increased efficiency and cost savings in various industries.  For instance, in pharmaceutical research, precise flow control is critical for ensuring accurate dosing of medications and reducing waste.  In fuel cell testing, accurate flow measurements are necessary to optimize fuel cell performance and improve energy efficiency.

In conclusion, a micro mass flow meter is a highly advanced instrument used for precise and accurate measurement of flow rates in small fluid volumes.  With their compact size, high sensitivity, and real-time flow data, these meters offer significant advantages over traditional flow measurement techniques.  They play a crucial role in various industries, contributing to improved efficiency and cost savings.


Additionally, micro mass flow meters can be equipped with various additional features and functionalities to meet specific application requirements.  Some meters may include built-in temperature and pressure sensors to further enhance the accuracy.  It will allow measurements and provide comprehensive data on the fluid properties.

Furthermore, micro mass flow meters are often designed to be compatible with different types of fluids, including liquids and gases.  They can accommodate a wide range of fluid viscosities and temperatures, ensuring accurate measurements across various operating conditions.

When it comes to installation and operation, micro mass flow meters are typically easy to install, thanks to their compact size and lightweight nature.  They can be easily integrated into existing systems or used as standalone devices, depending on the specific application.

Moreover, micro mass flow meters often come with user-friendly interfaces for convenient operation and data analysis. Many models offer digital displays or output signals that can be connected to external devices for data logging or further processing.


In terms of maintenance, micro-mass flow meters are designed for long-term stability and reliability.  However, periodic calibration and cleaning may be required to ensure continued accuracy.  Manufacturers generally provide guidelines and recommendations for maintenance procedures specific to their devices.

The technology behind micro mass flow meters has advanced significantly in recent years.  It is important to note that the information provided above is based on general insights.  Also,  knowledge about mass flow measurement is important.  Specific details about the features, specifications, and performance of individual micro mass flow meters.  It is always recommended to refer to the product manual or consult the manufacturer directly.


In conclusion, micro mass flow meters are highly sophisticated instruments that enable precise and accurate measurement.  They are also accurate with flow rates in small fluid volumes.  Their compact size, sensitivity, and compatibility with different fluids make them invaluable tools in a wide range of industries.  They are used in pharmaceutical research, chemical analysis, or medical diagnostics.   Micro-mass flow meters contribute to improved efficiency, enhanced control, and cost savings.




  • Measure and control flow rates down to 0.1 sccm (smlm)
  • Increase efficiency with true, digital high-performance
  • Navigate easily with large multifunction display interface
  • Save time by making adjustments in the field
  • Configure up to 10 gasses with one instrument

Industries: General Research / Analytical / Life Sciences & Health / Biopharmaceutical / Life Science / Medical Devices



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