Differential Pressure Transmitter

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A pressure transmitter or pressure sensor is a device that measures pressure in a liquid, fluid, or gas.  Pressure transmitters are commonly used to measure pressure inside of industrial machinery in order to alert the user before a catastrophe occurs.  They have many different uses, most of which are industrial or automotive in nature.  A pressure transmitter is easily recognized as it is a round gauge with various colors that represent different pressure levels.  While pressure transmitters are similar to other gauges, they are essential to many of the applications they are used for.


Differential Differential pressure transmitterPressure transmitter provides accurate, stable, and reliable pressure measurement in difficult applications.

Also, the small compact design allows the pressure transmitter to be directly connected to a process – providing a quick, easy, and cost effective installation.

In addition, Diaphgram options allow for one to measure the Delta pressure between two sides.  Like a filter bank, vertical pressure leaf filter or packed distillation columns

The Differential pressure transmitter provides superior measurement capability that can be used for almost any line pressure or tank level applications.  The pressure transmitter is available in either gauge or absolute pressure in pressure ranges to 4,000 psi (275 bar).


Differential Pressure Transmitter Materials of Construction 


It utilizes a solid-state, polysilicon pressure sensor with a choice of either 316L or Hastelloy C-276 isolating diaphragms. The low oil fill of this design has very little temperature effect and outstanding accuracy.

Furthermore, the pressure transmitter is suitable for almost any location in which value is a priority.  Also, Its patented piezoresisitive silicon sensor, dual-compartment housing, and compact, lightweight design adds up to a reliable, convenient, an economical installation wherever it is applied. In conclusion, it is designed with reliability, long-term performance, and maintainability in mind.

The pressure transmitter is available with a wide range of options to provide solutions for virtually any application.


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Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Level Transmitter

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Connection end

Flanged, Threaded, Sanitary

Remote Diaphragm

2", 3"


2", 3"



Differential Pressure Transmitter Specifications

Ranges0.25 mbar - 7.5 mbar
1.2 mbar - 62.3 mbar
6.2 mbar - .62 bar
24.9 mbar - 2.49 bar
.20 bar - 20.6 bar
Diaphragm Material316L SST, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400
Temperature LimitsAmbient: -40 to 185 F
Storage: -50 to 230 F
Communication OptionsModbus RTU, HART
Output Options4-20MA, 0-10vdc






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