Stud Bolts with Nuts

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Stud Bolts with Nuts General


The quantity of bolts for a flange connection will be given by the number of bolt holes in a flange.  It Also is based on diameter and length of bolts is dependent of flange type and Pressure Class of flange.

Stud Bolts with Nuts length are defined in ASME B16.5 standard.  The length in inches is equal to the effective thread length measured parallel to the axis, from the first to the first thread without the chamfers (points).  First thread is defined as the intersection of the major diameter of the thread with the base of the point.


Threads of Stud Bolts with Nuts


Bolts threading are defined in ASME B1.1 Unified Inch Screw Threads, (UN and UNR Thread Form).  The most common thread is a symmetrical form with a V-profile. The included angle is 60°.  This form is widely used in the Unified thread (UN, UNC, UNF, UNRC, UNRF) form as the ISO / metric threads.

The advantage of a symmetrical threads is that they are easier to produce and inspect compared with non-symmetrical threads.  These are typically used in general-purpose fasteners.

Thread series cover designations of diameter/pitch combinations that are measured by the number of threads per inch (TPI) applied to a single diameter.


Standard Thread Pitches


  • Coarse thread series (UNC/UNRC) is the most widely used thread system.  It is applied in most of the screws, bolts and nuts.  Coarse threads are used for threads in low strength materials such as iron, mild steel, copper and softer alloy, aluminum, etc.. The coarse thread is also more tolerant in adverse conditions and facilitate quick assembly.
  • Also, Fine thread series (UNF/UNRF) is commonly used in precision applications.  It is also used  where it requires a higher tensile strength than the coarse thread series.
  • Hence, 8 – Thread series (8UN) is the specified thread forming method for several ASTM standards including A193 B7, A193 B8/B8M, and A320.  This series is mostly used for diameters one inch and above.

Hex Nuts


In Addition, Hex nuts (dimensional data) are defined in ASME B18.2.2, and even as bolts the threading in ASME B1.1.  It also is Depends on a customer specification, nuts must be both sites chamfered or with on one side a washer-face.


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Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"

Materials of Construction

Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS







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