SRS Calibrations

SRS Calibrations

SRS Calibrations and services that calibrate instruments would primarily deal with taking various forms of equipment such as level, pressure, temperature, flow, pump alignment, PLC program modifications, programs design and creation, electrical panel installation and troubleshooting and main engineering designs from mechanical, electrical, chemical and process related.  Also, We will ensure that the instrumentation readings are accurate and precise.  Finally, this is important as over time, these highly sensitive instruments may drift away from their standard readings, and therefore, need to be regularly checked.

This service would include several key tasks:


It would provide adjustment of the instrument’s reading so that it aligns with a known and standard measurement.  In addition, this process helps in identifying, correcting, and documenting any variation in measurements.

Technical Support

Trained technicians would give hands-on help to the customers regarding the operation, maintenance, or any issue with the instruments.


Once the calibration is done successfully, they would provide an approved certification stating the degree of precision of the instrument, ensuring it complies with industry standards.

Onsite Calibration

They could also possibly do calibrations on-site which is advantageous as it minimizes the downtime of the instrument and hence, saves time and resources.

Repair Services

In addition to calibration, the technicians would also offer repair services for the instruments that may have malfunctioned, be it due to regular wear or accidental damages.

Customer Training

Some services also provide customer training to help users in the proper handling and operation of the instruments which enhances their instrument usability and service life.

The technicians working at such a service would be skilled professionals, as the calibration of instruments requires specific expertise.  Therefore, they would possess in-depth knowledge of various instruments and their specific working principles.  Moreover, they would also be trained to deal effectively with customers, addressing all their needs and concerns.

Risks and SRS Calibrations

Our knowledgeable technicians and in-house flow test equipment allow us to quickly and accurately conduct SRS calibrations on almost all brands and types of liquid flow meters.  For that reason, we offer standard annual calibrations, as well as NIST traceable calibrations.

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Maintain quality with a digital solution

Improve your calibration and testing process with an easy-to-use, mobile-first platform.  Therefore, as a result, it will greatly improve your access to the instrument data.

A digitized process simplifies the collection of test data.  In addition, it allows for sharing of reports with your customers.

Increase efficiency with your SRS Calibrations

  • Monitor equipment compliance status online
  • Access certificates directly from a generated QR code
  • Above all, Avoid time-consuming searches for compliance documents.  In other words, have your data controlled and easy to access.  In addition, it will reduce your search results to find past performance information.

Establish a robust workflow

  • Define test workflows, including validation, correction, and approval
  • Plan, schedule, and assign work to Technicians from a central point
  • Plan tests of any type with Flexible Test Management

See actionable insights

  • Identify potential compliance issues across multiple sites
  • Track test approval progress from the dashboard
  • Extend test result access to your Customers, allowing for easy accuracy access to historical data.

Factory certificate – calibration verification (based on IEC 60770)

  • Free of charge and available after the product has been delivered.
  • 3-point certificate based on the serial number etched on the product.
  • Pressure sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Level Sensors
  • Flow Meters
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