Density Flow Meter

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A Direct-insertion Fork Density Meter, that offers installation flexibility with continuous, real-time density and concentration measurement in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks.


A Fork Density Flow Meter can measure the density, concentration, gravity, temperature, and accuracy of liquids without being affected by temperature, pressure, density, and viscosity.



The Fork Density Meter is a cutting-edge device used for measuring the density and flow rate of fluids.  It offers precise and real-time insights into fluid behavior, making it an essential tool in various industries.  This article delves into the key features, working principles, applications, advantages, and limitations of the Fork Density Flow Meter.

Key Features

The Fork Density Flow Meter is packed with several noteworthy features that contribute to its accuracy and reliability. Some of its key features include:

Fork Vibration

This flow meter utilizes the principle of vibrating forks that are immersed in the fluid.  The vibrations change according to the fluid’s density and velocity, allowing for accurate measurements.

Wide Application Range

The Meter is suitable for a wide range of fluids, whether they are corrosive, abrasive, conductive, or neutral.  It can handle various process conditions, including high pressures and temperatures.

Highly Accurate Measurements

With a measurement accuracy of up to ± 0.1%, the Meter provides precise readings, enabling better process control and optimization.

Compact Design

The compact size of the Fork Density Flow Meter makes it easy to install in tight spaces.  It is also a low-maintenance device, ensuring convenient operation.

Working Principle

The Fork Density Flow Meter operates on the basis of the vibrating fork principle. The measurement forks are continuously excited at their natural frequency by piezoelectric crystals. When the forks vibrate, they experience a change in natural frequency due to the fluid’s density and velocity.

The Fork Density Flow Meter measures this frequency shift to determine the density and flow rate of the fluid. It utilizes advanced signal processing algorithms to extract accurate data and compensate for any environmental noise or disturbances.

Applications with Density Flow Meter

The Density Meter finds its application in various industries where precise density and flow measurements are vital. Some of the notable applications include:

Oil and Gas

It is extensively used in upstream, midstream, and downstream processes for measuring the density and flow of crude oil, refined products, and natural gas.

Chemical Processing with Density Flow Meter

The Density Meter enables accurate monitoring of chemical processes, helping maintain quality control and optimize production.

Food and Beverage

It plays a crucial role in the food and beverage industry by ensuring accurate dosing, blending, and custody transfer of liquids like syrups, juices, and alcoholic beverages.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

This flow meter is employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure precise measurements during the processing of liquids and various raw materials.


The Density Meter offers several advantages over other flow measurement technologies. Some of the notable advantages include:

  1. Real-Time Data:  The Meter provides continuous, real-time density and flow rate measurements, enabling prompt response to process variations and ensuring product quality.
  2. Minimal Pressure Drop:  Unlike some other flow measurement devices, the Meter has a negligible impact on the fluid flow, resulting in minimal pressure drop.
  3. Wide Dynamic Range:  It can handle fluids with a wide range of densities and velocities, making it adaptable to different process conditions.
  4. Low Maintenance:  The robust design of the Meter minimizes maintenance requirements, reducing downtime and operational costs.


While the Fork Density Flow Meter excels in many aspects, it also has a few limitations:

Limited for Clean Fluids

The presence of suspended solids or gas bubbles can affect the measurement accuracy, making the Meter less suitable for applications involving such fluids.

Restricted Pipe Sizes

Depending on the specific model, the Fork Meter may have size limitations, restricting its use in certain pipe sizes.

Initial Calibration

To ensure accurate measurements, the Meter requires proper calibration during installation, which might be time-consuming.


The Meter is a highly reliable and accurate device that finds widespread use in various industries.  With its advanced vibrating fork technology, wide application range, and precise measurements, it contributes significantly to process optimization, quality control, and operational efficiency.  Despite a few limitations, the Meter continues to evolve as a leading tool for fluid density and flow rate measurements, catering to the diverse needs of industries worldwide.


Pipeline interface Inspection, Slurry Solids monitoring, and corrosive acid concentration control; density and concentration monitoring that require rapid response.  Furthermore, continuously measure pipelines in real-time with your Meter through pipelines and storage tanks to increase installation flexibility and choose from a variety of corrosion-resistant materials to measure the density and concentration of key chemicals. 

Also, it supports protocols connected to DCS, PLC, and Flow computers.  Also, Pass hazardous area area-approved head-mounted Transmitters extend the range of use, and the transmitter supports local configuration and display.

Fork density flow meter

 Measure the density, concentration, gravity, and temperature of the liquid

  • The accuracy will not be affected by temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, etc.
  • Accuracy: ±0.002g/cc; ±0.001g/cc optional
  • Applications:  pipeline interface detection, mineral slurry solids monitoring, and corrosive acid concentration control; Where fast-response density and concentration monitoring is required.
  • Moreover, it Increased installation flexibility with continuous, real-time measurement in pipelines, by-pass loops, and tanks
  • Also, Choose from a wide range of corrosion-resistant materials for measuring the density and concentration of critical chemicals Support protocols for connection to DCS, PLC, and flow computers
  • Finally, Expand usage with a hazardous area-approved, head-mounted transmitter that supports local configuration and display

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 14 in

3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3"

Media Type

Liquid, Gas


NPT, Flanged, Sanitary

Pressure Class

150LB, 300LB, 600LB


24VDC, 120VAC


4-20 MA, 0-10 VDC


Explosion Proof (EXd), Intrinsically Safe (EXia)

Communication Protocol


Remote Display

No, Yes

QC Test Certificate

No, Yes


<strong>Insertion type/ Pipeline type:</strong></span>


The flow velocity should be below 1.5m/s. If the flow velocity is too fast, or the pipe diameter is too small, it is recommended to expand the pipeline to at least DN 150.


Length:</strong>&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/strong></span&gt;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;/p&gt;</p><p> &l


;p&gt;”color: #808080;”&gt;The standard length of the turning fork is 128mm. We can extend the length of the turning fork based on the special requirements.</p>


&amp;lt;span style=”color: #808080;”><strong>Material:</strong&gt;</p>


<span style=”color: #808080;”>We can customize the materials for you as your requirements, including SS316L, HC Hastelloy, SS 2205 steel, Titanium, etc.




Connections can be specially customized based on your own requirements. GB Flange/ ANSI/ DIN/ JIS Flanges / threaded connections/ Tri-clamp connections, etc.


<span style=”color: #808080;”>&lt;strong>Specifications</strong>


(1) Density accuracy: standard ±2,0 kg/m3(±0,002 g/cm3), ±1,0 kg/m3(±0,001 g/cm3) optional</span>
/><span style=”color: #808080;”>(2) Operating density range: 500-2500 kg/m3 (0.5-2.5 g/cm3)&amp;lt;/span><br />lass=”yoast-text-mark”>tyle=”color: #8080</span>

80;”&gt;(3) Operating temperature range -short stem: –50 °C a +200 °C (–58 °F a +392 °F)<br /><span style=”color: #808080;”&gt;(4) Operating temperature range- long stem: –40 °C a +150 °C (–40 °F a +302 °F)&lt;/p&gt;



;spa</p><p>n style=”color: #808080;”&gt;<strong><br </strong>/>Materials:</strong>

&lt;span style=”color: #808080;”><strong> &lt;/strong&gt;

class=”yoast-text-mark” style=”color: #808080;”>>Wetted parts- short-stem meter ( standard length of 128mm)



  • <ul><li class=”yoa


    >yle=”list-style-type: none;”><ul>

  • lass=”yoast-text-mark”>=”color: #808080;”>&gt;316L stainless steel&lt;/span></span>
  • <span class=”yoast-text-mark”>le=”color: #808080;”>Alloy C276</li>
  • <span style=”color: #808080;”&gt;316L stainless steel with PFA coated&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/li><li&gt;<span style=”color: #808080;”>Alloy C276 with PFA coated</li>&lt;/u</ul>


yle=”color: #808080;”><strong> </span></p>



pan style=”color: #808080;”>
Wetted Parts- long-stem meter:</strong&gt;&lt;/span></strong>

<p><strong> </strong>&lt;/span>&lt;/p><ul><li>e=”color: #808080;”>Alloy C276 for meters up to 2 m (6.5 ft) long</span>&lt;/spa

        • n>

          • <span style=”color: #808080;”>316L stainless steel for meters up to 2 m (6.5 ft) long Tine finish
          • 08080;”>Hose connection up to 10m (32.8 ft)</li><p> <p>&amp;amp;</p>lt;span style=”color: #808080;”><strong>
            Transmitter Output Channels:</strong></li>



<p&amp;gt; <p>=”color: #808080;”><strong&gt; </strong>&lt;/span><

      • li


    • le-type: none;”><ul><li

style=”list-style-type: none;”>


      •  </l


“color: #808080;”></span>

    • <p>

      • </ul>

Current output, 4- 20 mA&lt;/li&gt;<li&gt;<span style=”color: #808080;”>Frequency output, 0- 1KHz<li><span style=”color: #808080;”&gt;Modbus/RS-485 output

      • tyle=”color: #808080;”&amp;gt;HART optional</span></li&gt;



<p>=”color: #808080;”>
Display Functions</strong></strong></strong>

e=”color: #808080;”> </strong></span&amp;gt;</span>

        • style=”list-style-type: none;”>&lt;ul&amp;gt;


i style=”list-style-type: none;”>

    • <


    li style=”list-style-type: none;”>

      • <span style=”color: #808080;”>View process variables
      • ss=”tyle=”></li></li&gt;</li&gt;



    =”color: #8</

  • li>
  • 08080;”>Supports multiple languages ( English and Chinese)




<p><span class=”yoast-text-mark”>tyle=”color: #808080;”&gt;Meter approvals, calibrations, and certifications Agencies &amp; types of approval available</strong&gt;</p>

  • style=”list-style-type: none;”>
    •  </strong>CE
    • “color: #808080;”>ATEX</span>
    • ISO 19001
    • tyle=”color: #808080;”>ISO 14001</li>
    • style=”color: #808080;”>OHSAS 18001


SRS Density Meter Manual v4


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