Wireless Flow Meter

$ 2,754.00

A wireless flow meter multi-parameter flow transmitter is a multi-functional intelligent differential pressure flow transmitter which we use several years sensor technology experience and carefully crafted.



The SRS wireless Flow Meter multi-parameter flow transmitter is a multi-functional intelligent differential pressure flow transmitter.  The technology uses several years’ sensor technology experience and carefully crafted.


Types of Sensors


Furthermore, It sets differential pressure sensor, static pressure sensors, temperature sensors and flow integrating instrument at an organic whole.   They can constitute integration differential pressure flow meter when combined.    

Also when combined with differential pressure throttle detection device (V-cone, nozzle, orifice, velocity-equalizing tube Annubar, etc.).

Also, if the calculation of the measured medium (such as natural gas, steam, water, etc.) mathematical can directly display the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of the medium volume or mass.  Integration of the two most advanced industry wireless communication mode:  ZigBee and Wireless HART.

In addition, it adopted the advanced and perfect software management technology, micro power consumption device with data alarm, emergency, instrument faults, such as battery alarm priority mechanism.  This ensures the data real-time state monitoring and instrumentation, built-in high-capacity high-performance lithium batteries.




Realize the remote real-time monitoring, wireless transmission, no need site wiring, saves on the ordinary instrument field wiring required, save the manpower and construction cost.  The instrument is advanced in design, complete specifications and easy to install and use, which is the ideal upgrade product of traditional pressure transmitter.  The Wireless Flow Meter is the revolutionary innovation of the traditional differential pressure flow meter system.

Also, the wireless products are the future technology of industrial control systems.  Physical wiring was use in the past and will always be used on higher power required applications. Wireless on Temperature, Pressure, Level and flow are low power applications and easily converted to wireless signals.

In conclusion, if your process plant is like most, it has some wireless instrumentation, but you could quickly add more to improve operations, cut energy use and enhance safety.  Industrial wireless networks and sensors can be used in a wide range of process measurements, usually at dramatically lower costs as compared to wired alternatives, with faster installation time and minimal disruption.


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If a Wireless instrument is needed you will need a Wireless Gateway.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4"

Pressure Class

150LB (200PSIG @ <400F), 300LB (635PSIG @ <400F), 600LB (1270PSIG @ <400F), 1500LB (3170PSIG @ <400F)

Type of Connection

Flanged, NPT Threaded, Triclamp




Modbus RTU, 4-20MA, Relay


Explosion Proof, General Duty

Remote Display

Yes, No

QC Test Certificate

Yes, No




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