Vortex Flow Meter detector is a new fluid vibration type flow detector based on the rule of Karman vortex, using stress detection method, using piezoelectric crystal as a sensitive component and separating the detecting component from the vortex generator. It can be widely used in process measurement and vitality saving management of various gases, liquids, steam and other one-phase angle fluids in petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, heating and power supply, medical inquiry and other industry. This article lists the advantages and disadvantages of vortex flow meter.

Vortex Flow Meter Advantages

  • The vortex flowmeter has no moving parts, and the measuring constituent has a simple structure, reliable carrying out and long service life
  • Additionally, the vortex has a wide measuring range. The turndown ratio can generally reach single 1:10
  • The volumetric flow rate of the vortex flowmeter is not affected by thermal parametric quantity such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, concentration or viscosity of the fluid being measured
  • Also, it measures the flow of liquids, gases or vapors, has very wide applications
  • It causes little pressure loss
  • High accuracy and low maintenance

Vortex Dis-Advantages

  • Also, It has poor anti -vibration performance
  • External trembling can cause measure errors in the vortex menstruum meter and may not even work properly
  • In addition, the high flow velocity shock of the fluid causes vibrations in the vortex body, which reduces the measure accuracy
  • Cannot measure dirty products well
  • Straight pipe requirements are high with vortex flow meter
  • Not suitable for low Reynolds number fluids measurements
  • Low meter factor (compared to turbine flow meter)
  • In conclusion, it is not suitable for the pulsating flow