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Right-Sized Tracking Solutions

Whether it’s 10 valves for a Petroleum Plant  or 100 Actuators for a Pharmaceutical plant , there’s a lot riding on your ability to deliver and track a package.  But the information you’d need about status to manage these two shipments is completely different.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of tracking tools that deliver precisely the information you need and when you want it.   So you can re-route those valves to arrive at another plant for the first day of training.  Or estimate delivery of that Coriolis flow meter so the training can be scheduled.

You already know that UPS lets you track your shipment from door to door. If you need even more visibility at your destination, UPS Signature Tracking® may be the solution for you

Tracking with Proof of Delivery

Get access to enhanced tracking with instant visual proof of delivery, and reassurance that your shipment is in the recipient’s hands when promised. You’ll see the full delivery address, including street and suite numbers, and postal codes. This enhanced visibility gives you confidence to speed up the rest of your operation, and worry less about the shipments that have already left your dock–or your desk.

Streamline Your Shipping Process

When you incorporate immediate proof of delivery into your shipping process.  With Signature Tracking, you’re able to ease SRS’s customers’ minds with the knowledge that their shipment has been received by the appropriate party.

Once delivery has been confirmed by the delivery company, your billing process can begin with very little delay, dramatically shortening the time between receipt and payment. This reduces risk to SRS and keeps your sensitive delivery information secure.

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