Pipe Nipples

ss pipe nipples

Pipe nipples are short, stubby pipe pieces, commonly used to connect two other parameters in piping and plumbing. They are usually described by the type of material, schedule size, and their specific type. Furthermore, with this being said, let’s get into deeper detail about each aspect of pipe nipples.


Pipe nipples come in a variety of materials, with each having a specific application and benefit.


These are often used in industrial applications because they are very sturdy and can withstand high pressures. They are also resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion.


Brass pipe nipples are generally more resistant to corrosion than steel and are often used in water supply lines because they do not affect the water’s taste.


PVC pipe nipples are lightweight and easy to install. Furthermore, they are used in a variety of plumbing projects, including water supply lines and irrigation systems.

Stainless steel

These are highly resistant to corrosion and are often used in chemical and food processing industries.

Schedule Size

The schedule size of a pipe nipple refers to its wall thickness. Moreover, the higher the schedule number, the thicker the wall of the pipe. Popular schedule sizes are 40, 80, and 160.

Schedule 40

These are typically used in most general plumbing applications.

Schedule 80

These are thicker and are used for heavy-duty applications where the pipe may be under high pressure or there’s a need for greater strength

Schedule 160

These are even thicker and are used for the most demanding industrial applications.


Various types of pipe nipples are designed for specific application needs. Moreover, some of the most common include:

Close nipple

Has no unthreaded area and is virtually unnoticeable when connected. Often used to connect two fittings in tight spaces.

Hex nipple

A double-threaded nipple that allows for easy installation and removal.

Reducing nipple

Used to connect two different-sized pipes. Moreover, one end is larger than the other to accommodate the different sizes.

Pipe nipple

A straight piece of pipe with male threads on both ends. It is one of the most common types of nipples and is used to connect two other fittings

Weld nipple

A type designed to be welded to another object.

Hose nipple

Specifically designed to connect to hoses.

Swage nipple

A reducer designed to connect two pipes of different sizes.

So, there you have it

a brief, but comprehensive exploration of pipe nipples. Also, from material to schedule size to a specific type, each aspect plays a part in ensuring that the piping or plumbing system functions effectively. In addition, each type of pipe nipple serves a particular purpose, and picking the right one is crucial for different industrial, commercial, or residential requirements.

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