Candle Type Filter

Candle Filters are available in all sizes and the larger types may have an area of 200 m2 and contain 250 or more filtering elements installed in a 2.5 to 3.0 meter diameter vessels. The operating pressure range is quite wide but most of the Candle Filters operate at a pressure of 6 bars

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Candle Type FilterThe Candle Type Filter is, as all pressure filters, operating on a batch cycle and may be seen in process lines.  They can handle titanium dioxide, flue gas, brine clarification and red mud.  They can also handle china clay, fine chemicals and many other applications.  Most suitable for efficient low moisture cake filtration or high degree of polishing.

Candle Filters are also used for thickening to produce a concentrated flowable slurry by partial removal of the liquid phase as filtrate.

This mode of operation is possible since Candle Filters may operate on very short cycle time.  This short time takes advantage of the high filtration rates whilst the cakes are still thin.

One of the features of Candle Filters when used for thickening is their clear filtrate.   Since gravity thickeners, in analogy, produce overflows which always contain a certain amount of fine suspended solids.

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Additional information

Weight 3500 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 144 in
Material of Construction

Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS


Legs with Mounting Feet, Side Supports








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