Coriolis hydrogen dispensers 

Refers to the process of using Coriolis flow meters to accurately and efficiently dispense hydrogen gas.   

Coriolis flow meters are a type of flow measurement device that uses the Coriolis effect.  The effect which is the deflection of moving objects.  This is caused by the rotation of the Earth, to determine the flow rate of a fluid.


In the context of Coriolis hydrogen dispensers, Coriolis flow meters are used to measure the mass flow rate of hydrogen gas.  This occurs when it is dispensed from a storage tank.  It can also be dispensed from a hydrogen station to a vehicle or another container.  The meter works by inducing a vibrating motion in the fluid through two parallel tubes.  The Coriolis effect causes a phase shift in the vibration of the tubes.  This shift which is then measured and used to calculate the mass flow rate.


Using Coriolis Hydrogen Dispensers for hydrogen dispensing offers several advantages.   Firstly, they provide highly accurate measurements.  This ensures precise control of the dispensing process. 

They are also capable of measuring the mass flow rate directly, which is important for accurately tracking the amount of hydrogen dispensed.  Moreover, Coriolis flow meters are not affected by changes in temperature, pressure, or gas composition.  This makes them suitable for a wide range of hydrogen dispensing applications.


Overall, Coriolis hydrogen dispensing using Coriolis flow meters is a reliable and effective method for accurately measuring and controlling the flow of hydrogen gas during dispensing processes. 

This helps in ensuring the proper and efficient distribution of hydrogen fuel for various applications such as fuel cell vehicles and industrial processes.

To ensure accurate and reliable hydrogen dispensing operations, it is vital to have a flow measurement solution.  The solution that can withstand high pressures, resist metal embrittlement caused by hydrogen, and provide repeatability. 


The new SRS High-Pressure Coriolis Flow meter offers an improved nominal flow rate compared to previous models.  This makes it suitable for efficiently dispensing hydrogen fuel for heavy-duty vehicles. 

This meter has been designed to meet international safety and custody transfer standards .  These are specifically for hydrogen refueling (OIML R139), making it an ideal choice for hydrogen dispensing and truck-loading applications.