Level Continuous

What is Level Continuous?

SRS-level Continuous transmitters provide continuous level measurement and a 4-20 output for general conditions where high performance is needed.  It is your solution to situations where other technologies don’t measure up to the demands of your process application.

Types of Level Continuous by SRS

Radar Level Transmitter

Provides accurate level measurements of liquids, slurries, and solid materials.  Also, the non-contacting measurement technology with no moving parts requires minimum maintenance.   In addition, it measures the level top-down and is therefore unaffected by most fluid property changes, like density and viscosity.

Floating level transmitter

That moves up and down a stem or rod.  The float contains a permanent magnet, and the stem houses a wire waveguide.  In addition, it is a level transmitter used to float on various specific gravities.   Also, they are an excellent Floating Level sensors for heavy weighted liquids

The float position can be measured because the waveguide is made of metal with ferromagnetic characteristics.  This means the molecules in the metal waveguide align themselves with magnetic fields.   Also, a magnetostrictive level transmitter uses two magnetic fields to align the molecules in different directions to create a detectable point on the wire waveguide.

An electrical pulse travels down the waveguide and magnetizes it, aligning the molecules in one direction.  When the pulse meets the competing magnetic field from the float, with molecules aligned in a different direction, a vibration travels back to the sensor housing at a known speed. This vibration is known as a strain pulse.

Level Pressure Transmitters

transmitter has a defined structure with one or two seals.  A single seal is used for atmospheric applications and works well on atmospheric storage tanks.

For vacuum or closed vessels or environments, two seals you have one direct mount flanged flush diaphragm seal is on the high-pressure side and one remote seal, selectable wafer or flanged flush diaphragm, is fitted via capability to the low-pressure side.

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