Butterfly Valve – Lug Type

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A wafer butterfly valve’s function is to retain a seal to protect against dual-directional pressure differential in the flow of fluid. In other words, the wafer version of butterfly valves was designed to hold a tight seal, safeguarding against bi-directional pressure differential in order to avoid any backflow in systems that have been manufactured for uni-directional flow. This is accomplished by using a tightly fitted seal, such as an O-ring, gasket, precision machined, along with a flat valve face on the downstream and upstream sections of the valve.

  • LT type is also called single Plate butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve
  • It is a simple structure of the regulating valve. that can be used for low pressure pipeline medium switching means that the closing element (valve or butterfly plate) is a disk, and rotates around the valve shaft to open and close.
  • A valve that can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil products, liquid metals. In the pipeline mainly cut off and throttling effect. Butterfly valve opening and closing device is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, rotating around its own axis in the valve body, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjusting.



The Butterfly Valve – Lug Type is the newest addition to our family of high quality  Valves.  Also Offered in wafer and flanged style.   These valves are available with Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel (A216-WCB) or Stainless steel (A351-CF8M).  These valves are in stock with both BUNA-N and EPDM liners.  Viton and Teflon liners are available upon request.  

The new designs incorporates a one-piece stem with an important new feature.  The disc is broached to fit the milled square stem which causes the disc to float, giving substantially improved torque valves.  

It is also available with lever operators and worm gear operators and feature bubble tight shut-off.  In conclusion, the lug configuration is suitable for dead-end service.  All Butterfly Valves can be modified with extensions and various actuators.

The Lug Type provides ease of operation with quarter-turn (90 degrees) open to close.  With the internal stem/disc geometric drive design, there is no need for pins or bolts that may create leak paths or turbulence in the waterway.  An extended neck allows for insulation up to 2 inches. 


  • Lug Manual Butterfly valve-3


Lug-style butterfly valve


Lug-style valves have threaded inserts at both sides of the valve body.   The valve is installed between two flanges using a separate set of bolts for each flange.

A lug-style butterfly valve used in dead end service generally has a reduced pressure rating.  For example, a lug-style butterfly valve mounted between two flanges has a 1,000 kPa (150 psi) pressure rating.  In addition, the same valve mounted with one flange, in dead end service, has a 520 kPa (75 psi) rating.  Lugged valves are extremely resistant to chemicals and solvents and can handle temperatures up to 200 °C, which makes it a versatile solution.

Other Types of butterfly valves are flanged and wafer.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in
Materials of Construction

Cast, HP Carbon Steel (A216-WCB), HP 316SS (A351-CF8M)

Connection End

Lug Type


2", 2-1/2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"

Handle Type

Gear Reduced with Wheel, Spring Handle

Seal Type

Nitrile, Buna, Silicone, Teflon, Metal


150LB, 300LB, 600LB, 1000LB


  • Valve pressure rating 200 psi
  • 225°F continuous and 250°F intermittent service
  • Lug style
  • EPDM or Buna (others available) molded-in seat liner
  • Stainless Disc
  • Stainless steel stem with copper bushings
  • Operating mechanism: Bare stem, infinite position plate and lock, lever lock, manual gear operator and pneumatic/electric automation
  • Lead-free*
  • Not recommended for steam service
  • Designed to meet MSS SP-67
  • MSS SP-25 (markings)
  • Designed to meet API 609
  • U.S. Coast Guard Category A
  • California Health and Safety Code Section 116875
  • Vermont Act 193
  • Size range 2″ to 12″






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