Guard Resins

Guard Resins, Guard Resins

SRS Guard Resins are a gel-type dried cation exchange resin in a highly regeneratable form that is designed to process organic liquid streams.

It has many applications but this particular model of resin is designed to capture metals and cations during the esterification process.  The Guard Resins are very affordable and they are much more affordable then the Esterification conversion resins which they are designed to protect.

It will purify the following:  Removal Metals and Cations

Technically, it is a microporous cation exchange resin with beads of uniform particle size and color.  The monodispersed has incredible kinetics to this mechanically and chemically very strong resin.

strong acid cation exchange resin is a premium grade resin with high exchange capacity, excellent resistance to attrition and good resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation. Dows!

What does the Guard Resins do?

  • Simultaneously removes Metals and Cations in your feed stream
  • Very low differential pressure across each resin tower
  • It will handle high levels of metals and Cations in the stream
  • It is considered to be the sacrificial bead due to its cost of operations and the savings associated with a longer esterification exhaustion time.

Benefits of this Guard Resins?

  • Protects the esterification resins from exhausting too quick
  • Very low cost operation and replacement
  • No moving parts on the towers
  • Continuous process
  • Comes in smaller easier to handle packaging.
  • Easy to remove and replace from Resin Towers

A Typical Process

A Fixed Bed setup is used to hold the resins in place within the vessel.  An 80 Mesh screen that is well supported is placed and installed in the bottoms of each of the vessels.  Careful planning is required to avoid opening the special screens that are installed and damaging them.  In addition, injection into the vessels is done carefully to avoid liquid channeling.  All vessels are designed and stamped to ASME requirements.

(Typically Guard towers have TWO towers in series top down flow)

Guard Resins, Guard Resins

Guard Towers are used before Esterification Resins.  For the Esterification Resins pls select Esterification Resins or Dry Wash Resins

If you need the towers / Skids Fabricate and Built, pls click on the link to the SRS Parent company.