Resins, Resins

Resins are polymeric catalysts that are heterogeneous catalysts designed to replace mineral acids and bases in many common reactions.  The polymer morphology and porosity of these catalysts can be manipulated to control transport properties to optimize conversion and selectivity.

Our easy-to-use polymeric catalysts offer low corrosivity to equipment and have been used for over 50 years in some of the largest volume and most important products in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Resin can be used for many applications.  They are designed to purify, protect or convert many areas of the biodiesel process.

Technically, it is a microporous cation exchange resins with beads of uniform particle size and color.  The monodispersed has incredible kinetics to this mechanically and chemically very strong resin.

What can this Resin do?

  • Also, removes soaps and salts in your feed stream from our polishing resin and converts free fatty acids in our other type of resin.
  • Also, a very low differential pressure across each resin tower regardless of the resin used.
  • Tower sizes will very from resin type to another.

Benefits of Resin?

  • Very low cost operation
  • In contrast to most equipment resin towers have no moving parts on the towers
  • Our polishing resins Can be regenerated many times for reuse
  • Finally, all type of resins are operated in a Continuous process

Typical Tower Resins Configuration

Resins, Resins

Typical resin configuration involves several vessels in series.  Almost always is a downward flow on each tower.  Configurations can be done to allow for back flow to “fluff” the resins as they get packed from continuous downflow motion.

Also, it is important to install differential pressure sensors or transmitter so that you can gauge the actual delta across the resin towers.  Lead and Lag configurations are a minimum requirement, but a Lead / Lag / Lag configuration allows for cleaning well two other towers are in service.

Also, to manufacture the resin towers and process equipment, pls visit SRS’s Parent company 

SRS Offers Three Resin Options:

Pls Visit the page above on the required type of Resin for a more description.