Pressure Transmitters

What are Pressure Transmitters ?

A Pressure Transmitters or pressure sensor is a device that measures pressure in a liquid, fluid, or gas.  Pressure transmitters are commonly used to measure pressure inside of industrial machinery.  This is in order to alert the user before a catastrophe occurs.

Also, they have many different uses, most of which are industrial or automotive in nature.  In addition, a pressure transmitter is easily recognized as it is a round gauge.  It is a sensor that has various colors that represent different pressure levels.

In addition, while pressure transmitters are similar to other gauges, they are essential to many of the applications they are used for.

The transmitter has a defined structure with one or two seals.  A single seal is used for atmospheric applications and work well on atmospheric storage tanks.

For vacuum or closed vessels or environments, Two seals you have one direct mount flanged flush diaphragm seal is on the high pressure side and one remote seal.

Finally, this is selectable in wafer or flanged flush diaphragm, is fitted via capability to the low pressure side.

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