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Gas Sensor Calibration

To ensure worker safety it is important for users of combustible, or LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), gas detectors to consider three factors: 1) The need for frequent verification procedures; 2) Scale of calibration for proper sensitivity; and 3) Type of … Continue reading

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Gas Sensor Placement

You already know gas sensor placement is tied to the particulars of your unique facility. But beyond that—because you must take so many variables into account—you have no hard-and-fast rules to follow. However, in this post we’re highlighting some best practices you can consider … Continue reading

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Gas Sensor Installation

When a customer decides to move ahead with the installation of a new fixed gas detection system, we can’t help but get excited, and not for the reason you might think!  As a company centered on safety, we have a … Continue reading

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Turbine Flow Meter Benefits

Turbine Flow Meter benefits vary and are widely used in petrochemicals, organic liquid state , inorganic liquids, liquefied gases, natural gas and fluid at low to middle temperature. Now it is widely used which is next to orifice plate flow … Continue reading

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Vortex Flow Meter Benefits

Vortex Flow Meter detector is a new fluid vibration type flow detector based on the rule of Karman vortex, using stress detection method, using piezoelectric crystal as a sensitive component and separating the detecting component from the vortex generator. It … Continue reading

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Latest News

SRS recently adds modulating control valves in the Latest News.  Also the addition adds to its extensive line card of products.  Finally, Modulating valves offer process liquid flow control to precise and accurate levels. For any Questions and Concerns pls … Continue reading

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