Oil and Gas

From destructive subsea situations, seaward creation stages, Oil and Gas fields, treatment facilities we have the stream mastery to handle these difficult undertakings.  Troublesome oil and gas stream instrumentation difficulties like high weights, throbbing streams, destructive media, and cruel conditions are our day by day business.  We have worked with numerous upstream and downstream clients to create custom stream answers for their hardest difficulties, taking care of their harshest synthetic substances, in their generally distant, Hazardous zones.  We work with you to build measure effectiveness, lessen exorbitant creation down-time, set up continuous observing and control, and give the basic following and record keeping important to meet EPA guidelines.


  • Compound Injection
  • Water Separation
  • Subsea Operations
  • Oil Field Management
  • Water powered Fracturing (Fracking)
  • Water powered System Monitoring
  • Valve Actuation/Blowout Prevention
  • Fuel Measurement
  • Care Transfer


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