Flow, Pressure, Level, and Temperature estimation is a basic part of the measure the executives in modern industrial business sectors.  Additionally, the requirement for precise stream estimation can be connected to resource the executives, item quality, laborer security, and eventually the primary concern in various enterprises.

The Liquid properties (both fluid and gas) change broadly from industry to industry.  The liquid to be estimated could be profoundly rough or thick.  It could be destructive or harmful.  It could be conductive, combustible, or even unstable.  Additionally, or on the other hand, it could be a blend of various liquids, particles, or gases.  Moreover, these contemplations, alongside other basic particulars, decide the best stream estimation answer for every application.  Furthermore, SRS has many years of involvement with various modern business sectors, including (however not restricted to) the accompanying.


  • Fuel Usage
  • Power through pressure and Pneumatics in Industrial Vehicles
  • Farming Equipment Navigation System
  • Mining
  • Steel Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Foundry and Metal Melting
  • Burner and Flame Control
  • Laser Welding and Cutting
  •  Heater Building


Other Industries to Visit:

Oil and Gas

Biotech / Pharmaceutical

Food / Beverage

Chemical / Petroleum

Hydraulic / Fluid Power


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